everyone deserves a little treat

At the Little Treats Bakery, we believe everybody deserves a little treat from time to time. So we make, bake and decorate delightfully delicious biscuits and iced treats for everyone to enjoy.

Our pride and passion stems from our heritage, and being part of the Frank Roberts & Sons bakery has ensured the opportunity to perfect our little bites of heaven since 1988.

Lovingly Crafted

A selection of scrumptious iced biscuits that are filled with fun, jam-packed with character and layered with personality to delight every time.

Say hello to your new best friends

Everyone loves our yummy, munchy biscuit buddies. There are 10 friendly, iced biscuit characters to discover, share and eat in two delicious flavours – chocolate and vanilla.

Meet the Chums

Trusted by the best

We’ve partnered with Peppa Pig™ and Thomas & Friends to create some delicious biscuits that your kids will love to munch on. There are pre-decorated biscuits if you’re looking to avoid sticky fingers. Or for those that like to put a bit more effort into their edibles, there’s a range of DIY decorating kits where your little treasures can let their creativity run wild!

There’s nothing dainty about these Giant biscuits

We’ve taken the nation’s favourite biscuits and scaled them up for maximum satisfaction (we know that one biscuit will never do!) Take a gander at these big boys.

Meet the Giants

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